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1. is an orthopedic bandage made of Plaster of Paris Bandage
2. Redefining Plaster of Paris Bandages
3. Easy to handle, prepare and cast.
4. Has excellent setting properties and rich creamy texture.
5. Easy to handle, prepare and cast.
6. Early mobility after casting for the comfort of the patient.
Available Size 20cm X2.7m , 3m / 15cm X2.7m /3m , 10cm X2.7m /3m , 7.5cm X2.7m /3m

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Name: Folding stool

Material: PP+ iron

Gross weight: 550g

Summary: PP+ iron material, thick legs, strong bearing capacity, stable and firm, foldable, free to open and close, no space to carry, non-slip mat on the bottom, not easy to slip, easy to carry at home and outdoor, easy to carry

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200mg, 300mg

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