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Galaxy Medicare Limited provides the most current breakthrough in Gauze bandage technology. We provide a diverse choice of products and have gained the trust of our consumers by adhering to world-class standards. We create and sell bandages to various medical institutes. Our Gauze bandages will create a web to immobilize fractures, wounded joints, deformities, and other acute injuries. It will promote your healing while also ensuring your comfort. We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Bhubaneswar, India. Our bundle is the most comprehensive and cost-effective.  You can trust us and our services as we are offering the best services in Bhubaneswar. Our customers laud our rehabilitation equipment and products for their ability to alleviate pain and suffering of skeletal bones. Providing you the best range of Gypswab Gauze bandage for dressing B.P with effective & timely delivery. Leading manufacturer of medical devices in Bhubaneswar.

It is the most common type of bandage, which is a woven strip of material with a Telfa absorbent barrier to prevent adhering to wounds. It can come in any number of widths and lengths and can be used for almost any bandage application, including holding a dressing in place. Source link

Gauze is a common product for wound dressings because of its ability to keep cuts or gashes free of infection. It can be common to encounter the bandage sticks to an injury, not only complicating the process of switching dressings, but potentially leading to reopening the wound. Source link

Slowly and carefully, begin to remove the old gauze from your wound, moving in the direction of hair growth if your bandage covers your arm, leg or other hairy area of your body. If a scab has formed and the gauze is stuck to the wound, stop immediately to reduce pulling off the scab and causing tissue damage. Source link


Product Description

Packaging sizes

Product description
Sterile Gauze Swab B. P.
Highly absorbent swabs
Sterile by Gamma Irradiation
Ready to use
Suitable for all dressings

Packaging sizes
5cm X 5cm
7.5cm X 7.5cm
10cm X 10cm
In 8ply, 12ply and 16ply