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  1. Fracture Management: Plaster of Paris bandages are often used to create casts for immobilizing and supporting fractured bones during the healing process. They provide stability and protection, allowing the bone to heal properly.
  2. Orthopaedic Supports: These bandages can also be used to create splints and supports for orthopaedic injuries such as sprains, strains, and minor fractures. They help in stabilizing the affected area while allowing some degree of movement for rehabilitation.
  3. Wound Dressing: In some cases, plaster bandages are used as a primary or secondary dressing for wounds. They can help in absorbing exudate, protecting the wound from further injury, and promoting healing.
  4. Dental Impressions: Dentists may use plaster of Paris bandages to create dental impressions for making crowns, bridges, and other dental prosthetics.
  5. Veterinary Care: Veterinarians may use plaster of Paris bandages in a similar manner to treat fractures and injuries in animals.