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Why Elastic Cohesive Bandage is a Preferred Choice as a Strapping Tape?

One of the best strapping tapes for sports is a cohesive bandage. The function of your elastic cohesive bandage is one thing you shouldn’t take for granted. To be effective, these need to be really functional. They must be used properly for them to work effectively. Professionals from compression bandage manufacturers in India provide some practical advice that you ought to take into account when applying the bandage.

5 Top Reasons for Success of Cohesive Bandages  

In each medical kit, cohesive bandages are a crucial component. They are used to heal a range of wounds, such as bruises, cuts, and sprains. The elastic material is used to make compression bandages. To establish a tight compression, this material is tightly wrapped around the damaged area. This compression works to lessen the pain and swelling. Here are six reasons why a cohesive bandage should be a part of your taping store:

1. Cohesive bandages fail to adhere to the skin

Why would you want a strapping tape that doesn’t stick, it may seem counterintuitive. The cohesive bandage does not adhere to the skin, but it DOES adhere to itself, which is good news. The best quality cohesive bandage tightly adheres to itself when you wrap it over one another. This means that it may be used for any tape job that requires wrapping tape around a limb. This includes the majority of tape jobs you’ll ever need to do on the sidelines or in the locker room. Additionally, as it is adhesive-free, neither the skin nor the hair will be harmed.

2. The Bandage is Stretchy

The cohesive bandage can extend up to twice as far as when it is not stretched. This gives you a lot of freedom to select the appropriate level of compression for the circumstance. For example, you may stretch it very tightly to provide significant compression to a wound that is actively bleeding, or you could wrap it on with almost little stretch to provide gentle support to a finger bend injury.

3. The Premium Quality Cohesive Bandage Provides Perfect Level of Support 

Depending on how many layers of tape you apply, a cohesive bandage can provide weak or injured joints with support ranging from light to extremely stiff. To prevent constriction and swelling in the foot when wrapping a damaged ankle, for example, avoid putting the cohesive bandage with too much stretch. However, by simply adding more layers, you can achieve great amounts of support without becoming too constricted. When applied without stretching, one or two layers of the cohesive bandage will offer very minimal support. The level of support quickly “firms up” when you wrap over additional layers, especially if you press the layers together.

4. You can Manually Tear It

It is simple to rip a cohesive bandage throughout its length and width. You may use it extremely quickly because you don’t have to look around for your scissors. Simply rip the tape like you would a piece of paper starting from one edge.

5. It can be Applied Again & Again

A cohesive bandage does not lose its stickiness because it does not rely on glue for its sticking abilities. Therefore, if the tape job isn’t to perfect the first time, you can just peel it off and begin again. The same cohesive bandage can be repeatedly reused thanks to its characteristics. (However, you might not want to if you’ve already used it to wrap a sweaty foot.)

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