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Adhesive Tapes Manufacturers in India

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of medical supplies? A stethoscope for heartbeat detection, the “open wide” tongue depressor, and a syringe for administering a necessary injection! What about adhesive tapes? Although it might not come to mind right away, this adaptable instrument is crucial in the medical industry. There are lots of options, and there are lots of adhesive tape manufacturers in India that make a medical adhesive tape for wound care.

Medical adhesive tape, also referred to as surgical tape, is used to apply bandages, gauze, and other dressings to the skin surrounding wounds. Most sticky tapes are classified as pressure-sensitive tape, or tape that adheres and holds in place with strong pressure. Neither a solvent nor heat activation is required. Various materials can be used to manufacture the medical adhesive tape. However, for convenience and comfort, the majority of them are permeable.

A Quick Insight of Adhesive Tape Types

Different adhesive tapes are used for various purposes in the medical industry. Others are more elastic to support flexibility, while some are made of softer materials, including cotton. The most popular kinds of medical adhesive tapes are listed below:

1. Waterproof Adhesive Tape 

This kind of medical tape has several restrictions because it was made specifically for use in water. Only dry skin or dry tape itself can be used while applying the tape. The majority of waterproof tape is incredibly bendable and adheres to curved surfaces that are between toes and fingers, on joints to name a few areas. 

2. Micropore Paper Tape

This hypoallergenic tape is frequently used to fasten bandages and dressings to the skin without leaving a sticky residue. It can be used for an extended period without worrying about causing skin irritation. Its adhesive adheres to skin, or dressing materials directly. The tape is breathable thanks to microscopic pores, which expedite healing. It is also simple to break (ideal for emergencies).

3. Transpore Polyethylene Tape

This hypoallergenic, transparent tape adheres to the patient but leaves no adhesive residue on the operating room gloves or other instruments. This extremely strong tape is frequently used to fasten tubes or bandages because it sticks well to damp surfaces, such as patients who are wet, bleeding, or perspiring. 

4. Durable Fabric Tape

This best quality adhesive tape is flexible and comfy when used properly. It is one of the reasons that makes it one of the most useful and popular varieties of medical tape. It tears in any direction, adheres best to the skin (not to a fabric dressing or bandage directly), doesn’t leave a sticky residue when removed, and is perfect for long-term use due to its breathability. This strong tape is frequently used to keep splints in place.

5. Zinc Oxide Tape

It is frequently used to avoid sports injuries, but it also aids in wound care by promoting faster healing, stabilizing wounds, and shielding athletes from soft tissue harm. This tape is very tough, performs well in humid conditions, and can withstand significant moisture (sweat). It is important to know that this kind of tape is made of rayon or non-stretch cotton, and stays in place for hours. The helps athletes to bend, twist, run, and push their bodies to their physical limits.

Adhesive Tapes for Immediate Needs

This tape is widely used for medical issues. Transpore polyethylene tape is frequently used by medical personnel, such as EMS and ambulance staff. Owing to its quality such as effective, long-lasting, and clings to any surface well, including those that have been touched by blood, water, or hair, this is one of the most popular adhesive tapes manufacturers prefer. Additionally, because it is waterproof, patients can use it when bathing or swimming.

Daily Use Medical Adhesive Tape

Micropore paper tape is effective in less stressful circumstances. Even though it is not one of the strongest adhesive tapes, it is soft on the skin (leaving no sticky residue) and does not come off for several days. Micropore tape is quick and simple to remove and promotes wound healing. It’s not waterproof, it’s not as flexible, and it’s not as mailable as other sticky tapes, but it can tolerate some dampness and sweat.

So, if you are looking forward to the adhesive tapes manufacturers in India, trust Galaxy Medicare Limited. It is one of the certified manufacturers and supplier of adhesive tapes. Being ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, it manufactures and supplies Plaster of Paris bandages and other premium grade surgical dressings. 

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