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How Do You Choose the Best Surgical Dressing for Wound Care?

When treating patients with orthopaedic infections, wound dressings are used at the end of a surgical procedure to cover the wound and maybe prevent re-infection. There are a variety of alternatives available, from nonexclusive gauze and tape for ordinarily closed incisions to negative pressure wound therapy for huge wounds that cannot be closed. The task at hand is to select the appropriate dressing for each patient. There are manSurgical Dressing Manufacturers in India that allow people to choose the best type of dressing material as and when needed. 

The plethora of options available in the wound care market can make dressing selection difficult for physicians. If only there was a versatile smart-dressing that could treat every type of wound. It would make wound care a lot easier. Dressing selection requires a practical understanding of dressing functionality, categories, and reimbursement.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wound Dressing

Focus on the below-mentioned pointers before choosing surgical dressing for wound care:

  • There are several dressing categories to choose from, and doctors should keep in mind that while dressings are classified, product features, benefits, and dressing technology may differ. When choosing on the most appropriate dressing for the best healing outcomes, clinicians should have a practical understanding of wound types, dressing classifications, etc. Clinicians frequently discover the dressing’s brand name from their facility’s formulary but are unaware of its use.
  • The Medicare standards payment system governs wound care dressing reimbursement. Advanced wound care dressings should be medically necessary. Wound date of the beginning, its etiology, state, size, depth, exudate type and amount, presence of bioburden, dressing frequency, and physician wound progress notes are all examples of supporting documentation. Clinicians should be conversant with payment systems, which differ depending on the type of health care facility, state, and location. 
  • Remember to consider wound size and depth, exudate amount, dressing frequency, and any patient-related issues like payer source and who will change the dressing when choosing a dressing. To maintain direct contact with the wound bed, dressings should be conformable. To reduce bulkiness, wounds on the heel may require the creation of a heel cup or the use of a heel-designed dressing. Always remember to loosely pack dead space in wounds. Each dressing change should include wound washing to help disinfect the wound, eliminate biofilm, and promote healing. 
  • Cleaning the wound surface, and the surrounding skin will help to maintain proper wound hygiene. There are a variety of wound cleaners and treatments available, but you should familiarize yourself with the chemicals before using them. Bacteriostatic, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties, as well as diverse options such as non-aerosol, spray, etc., are all possible aspects of cleaners and solutions. To avoid the deactivation of specific bioactive products, consider the mode of action of the cleanser or solution, as well as the type of dressing and format.
  • You can extend the dressing wear period or use a dressing to contribute moisture in wounds that are only draining a small amount of exudate. This will aid in the creation of a moist healing wound environment, allowing the wound to heal more quickly. Remember to keep wounds covered because studies suggest that when wounds are covered and kept at a constant temperature, they heal faster. Many surgical manufacturers in India have understood the varied needs of customers. Thus, they give them a variety of options to choose the best. 

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