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Sterile Antibiotic Tulle Gras Dressing
Sterile Tulle Gras Dressing with active ingredient of Polymyxin B Sulphate U.S.P- 5000 Units, Bacitracin Zinc U.S.P-100 Units Neomycin Sulphate U.S.P-3400 Units

  1. Antibiotic Gamma Sterilised Tulle Gras Dressing.
  2. Paraffin acts as a soothing agent. The antibiotic in it helps in the healing process.
  3. Soothing and low adherent. Allows the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing.
  4. Interlocking gauze yarn threads minimize fraying when the dressing is cut to shape.
  5. does not stick on the wound and disturb the healing process.
  6. Special type of butter paper is used to minimize the loss of medicines when removed from the dressing before application.


  1. It is to be used on wounds, skin burns and prior to use of any dressing.
  2. It can also be used for scalds, lacreations, abrasions, other skin loss wound, leg ulcers and on skin graft sites.
  3. Reduces risk of colonization.
  4. It is proven active against a wide range of Gram Positive orgaisms.
  5. Antibiotic efficacy remains unaffected to serum and blood.


    Single dressing of 10cm x 10cm pcked in a 4 ply Glassine / Poly / Aluminium / Poly Pouch and 10 Pouches in a paper carton


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