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Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P.
A soft paraffin based sterile Gauze Dressing

  1. Dressings are made of leno weave gauze impregnated with soft paraffin. Interlocking gauze thread minimises fraying and maintains shape.
  2. Is sterilized by Gamma radiations and ready for immediate use.
  3. Soothes and protects the wound.
  4. Widely used for the treatment of minor burns and scalds, lacerations, abrasions and other skin loss wounds.
  5. Allows easy drainage of the wound exudate.
  6. Ideal for skin grafting for both , donor and recipient sites.
  7. Can be used with medication of choice.



    In Glassine / Poly / Aluminium / Poly Pouch and in Aluminium Tin 10cm x 10cm, 2 dressing in a pouch 10cm x 10cm, 10 dressings in a pouch 10cm x 10cm, 5 dressings in a pouch 10cm x 10cm, 20 dressings in tin


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